Classroom Software and Technology

Here is a list of the software and technology our instructors will be using during our Online Summer program.  Check back for links to website sources.

*These software require registered accounts to use

Learning Management Systems

  • Google
    • Classroom – Students check for instruction materials and assignments*
    • Calendar – Scheduling Google Meet sessions*
    • Meet – Live video lessons*
  • ClassDojo – Class behavior management and incentive

Instruction Tools

Formative Assessment

  • Edpuzzle – video lesson comprehension tool
  • Kahoot – in-class game-based learning platform
  • Mathgames – math assignment practice site
  • Quizizz – student-paced formative assessment using game-based quizzes.
  • Quizlet – study resource and assessment platform*
  • – digital worksheet platform

Summative Assessment

Enrichment only