Please check our Class Schedule page for each grade’s schedule.

Monthly Tuition (2021)

Our tuition is rated on a monthly basis. We offer the following classes:

  • K thru 3rd graders: 1-hour class
  • 4th thru 6th graders: 1-hour or 2-hour classes
  • 7th thru 6th graders: 1½-hour class

1 hour rate: $220 (applicable to K-6th graders)
1½-hour and 2-hour rate: $320 (applicable to 4th-8th graders)

Registration/Material Fee

Included in our tuition are Registration and Material fees, which covers:

  • School email
  • Class enrollment process
  • Lessons and material preparation
  • Monthly fees for online education services

Refund Policy

Tuition and fees are refundable one week prior to the start of class. There will be a $25 service charge applied.

No refund after class starts.