Summer 2019 Theme: Grand Tour of Europe

This year’s summer program will place an emphasis on “CARE”. Through “CARE,” students will spend their summer creating, appreciating, respecting, and exploring the continent of Europe!

Grade K-3 classes will take place at Temple City School elementary school site.  Students will be placed in their respective grade level classrooms where they will spend the morning sessions academically preparing for the new school year.  During the afternoon sessions, students will “ride the train” and enjoy learning about European countries like Ireland and France through arts and crafts, cooking, hands-on science activities, and foreign languages.  On Week 8 there will be a carnival celebration with games and fun water activities.  Come join us for a grand tour of Europe!

Grade 4-8 classes will take place at TECC Center in Temple City.  The daily schedule consists of reviewing next year’s school materials in the morning and fun enrichment courses in the afternoon.  In addition to Chinese and Spanish language classes, creative writing class, and public speaking class, students will travel back in time to the Middle Ages in Europe.  Students will have hands-on experience in art, cooking, weaving, and acting classes.  Students will also have STEAM classes including STEAM lab, Robotics, Coding, and hydraulic engineering, all of which inspires students’ interest in science.  New this year is the team-based design of gadgets and rules for the carnival games in Week 8.  With these fun activities, students will turn away from smartphones and tablets and regain their creativity and passion for learning.


4到8年級的學生,下午除了中西班牙文課程,創意寫作,演講之外,他們將乘坐時光火車,回到中古世紀的歐洲。學生自己動手體驗不同年代的藝術創作、烹飪、編織、即興表演,能更加了解歐洲文化的精髓。同時,我們會鼓勵學生動腦及動手在物理科學實驗,機器人3D電腦程式設計,古今能源使用比較 (例如: 風力能源,液壓發動等),啟發他們的學習科學興趣。今年更加入學生們分組設計第八週園遊會的器具與規則,使學生喜歡接受腦力激盪挑戰,孩子們能遠離手機世界,找回自己本來就有的創造力及學習的熱情。

Afternoon Enrichment class descriptions can be found here.

Class Schedule can be found here.