Grade K-3 Afternoon Class Description

Arts and Crafts (手工藝): Students will create art by implementing techniques used by European artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh.

Chinese Class (中文課):  Students will learn Chinese language through puppet theatre, singing and poems.  Students will have fun activities through exploration of European culture elements on Friday afternoons (Note: ELD students will do English fun activities)

European Cuisine (歐式美食):  Through this hands-on and interactive class, young chefs will explore Europe’s finest recipes and create delicious dishes.

Science Lab (Tuesday Afternoon) (科學實驗室):  Students will participate in hands-on science experiments and activities and explore the construction of famous European landmarks.

Sports and Games (Friday Morning)(運動與遊戲):  In this class, students will be taught the skills and fundamentals of various sports and games played in Europe through a fun and collaborative atmosphere.

Spanish Class (西班牙文課): Students will develop a love for the Spanish language through reading, writing, and music.

Grade K-3 Weekly Schedule

Grade 4-8 Afternoon Class Description

Art/Weaving (美勞):  Explore within your imagination and creativity and learn to make European art, such as coat of arms, da Vinci machines and stained glass

Chinese Class (): Students play games and learn Chinese. Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays are for 4th-5th grade students only.

Coding and 3D Design (3D電腦程式):  Students will use fun apps to learn coding and to design 3D models for printing. (STEAM)

Cooking (各國美食): From sweet to savory, students learn recipes from the Middle Ages and explore the world of European culinary creativity and discovery.

Creative Writing (創意寫作): Students will develop a broaden repertorie of writing styles through persuasive writing about art to current events in Europe.  Students will gain a better understanding of past and present European culture.  There’ll be discussions and analysis of European culture through prose.

Hispanic Highlights – Spain (西班牙文化):  During our tour of Europe this course will cover “all things” Spain.  We take an intricate look at Spain’s historical relevance to the Renaissance period, its significant folklore, cultural holidays, important figures, and even a bit of exposure to the language.

Hydraulic Engineering (): Students learn the concepts of hydraulics to build hydraulic bridges, lifts, and more. (STEAM)

Public Speaking/Debate (演講/辯論):  Students will have a hands-on approach to practicing the types, strategies, and techniques for speaking and debating, all while comparing and contrasting the rights and wrongs, the good and the bad, and the advantages and disadvantages of life today as opposed to Medieval Europe.

Reading Rocks (): Students will read about influential figures and events throughout European history.  Students will learn to analyze different medium of text including poetry, nonfiction, historical fiction, and even Internet sources.  This course will develop effective reading and note taking while allowing students to discus major events in European history

Robotics (機器人): Students learn to program using Ozobots, Edison Robots and Sphero Robots to tackle obstacles and challenges (Technology, Engineering, Math) (Note:  Material and tools used for this class will remain in the classroom; Students cannot bring them home). (STEAM)

Sports and Games (運動和遊戲): Sports and Games is a course that will provide students with hand-eye coordination, team building skills, agility and endurance while engaging in fun extra-curricular activities.

TED-Ed (專題研討): Students will learn lessons through media about the World, through epidemics and climate change, to new technology and innovations being explored by scientists, engineers and doctors.

Theatre-Entertainers of the Renaissance (戲劇表演):  This course will apply the basics of theatre and acting while integrating the prominent work of European playwrights (namely William Shakespeare).  Students will learn about themes, structures, and roles of characters in a play as they practice the craft of acting.

Grade 4-8 Weekly Schedule