TECC is offering online classes this summer.

Our online classes are taught synchronously (live classes) and asynchronously (recorded lessons for self-pace learning).

We incorporate many educational methods and technology to meet your child’s learning style and create an engaging online learning environment, including flipped instructions, gamification, problem-solving activities, and more.

Class Description

Coding – Students learn block coding and apply them to Voxel, a Minecraft-like blockbuilding sandbox platform. Through coding, students will learn how to spawn creatures, build houses, and change their game environment.

3D Design – Students learn how to design and sculpt using 3D design platforms like TinkerCAD. Each week, students are challenged to complete a 3D design project in order to get it printed.

STEM Quest – Students go on an adventure to complete quests (practice assignments) and battle monsters (take quizzes) related to STEM topics in order to earn points (grading) to upgrade their character’s costume, add gears and unlock pets.

Coding will be taught with LearnToMod.

3D Design will be taught with TinkerCAD.

STEM Quest will be taught with Classcraft.