Welcome Coding Students.

In this class, you’ll be learning to code with BitsBox and LearnToMod.  Participation is important.  Students who participate and complete certain goals will earn Achievement badges and these badges grant you some privileges during class.

Track your badge progress here.


Go to Bitsbox.com and click on Kids Sign In at the top right corner.

Register to keep track of your apps.

Create apps by loading app codes and type out the lines code from trading cards or printouts.  If your code worked, try making modifications to the app.

Spend no more than 10 minutes per app.


Go to LearnToMod.com and click on Login at the top right corner.

Register with your own email or use an assigned account.

Focus on completing Skills and Drills Badges before doing Quests or other Learning Activities.

Use your time wisely.

Supplemental Activities

Advanced Students

If you are proficient in all these coding platforms, hone your skills with:

Class Expectations

Focus on earning your badges before playing with what you coded.  Test your apps or mods for a minute or two, but return to your learning activity promptly.

If you are using your laptop for anything other than class activities and/or you choose not to participate in class activities, you will lose your privileges and be sent to the office for the duration of the class.